Gopher Killer

The Eilers Machine Gopher Killer, Previously known as The Western Alfalfa Gopher Killer, is the most effective and efficient procedure known to eliminate gophers. Pulled by your tractor, this machine eliminates gophers by administering poison underground as they tunnel and feed.

This machine delivers a new tunnel that will come into contact with the gopher’s tunnel, poisoning them when they come into contact with it laving your field gopher free. Since this machine disperses the poison underground, it will keep your other animals safe while still eliminating your gopher problem. The cut is so minimal, it is recommended for use on golf courses.

Eilers Machine has always been the sole manufacturer of the Western Alfalfa Gopher Killer. Around 2013, Eilers Machine came Primary owner of this product, and this machine is now known as the the Eilers Machine Gopher killer.

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How does it work?

A coulter in front of the burrow former digs through the soil with minimal surface disturbance. The floating packer wheel returns the soil to it’s original condition at the end of the process. Recommended travel speed when using the Gopher killer is 3.5 – 4 miles per hour. The Eilers Machine Gopher Killer is so simple to use that even one with minimal experience can take care of up to 60 acres in a day

What makes the Eilers Machine Gopher Killer stand out from it’s competitors?

Our machine has a burrow former that gives the maximum soil compression while forming a smooth burrow without heaving the ground. It’s unique triangle design is superior over the long round shape that causes the burrow to break when the ground is uneven.

The Eilers Machine Gopher Killer is constructed of durable steel and replacement parts are readily available.

This machine has a unique packer wheel with traction barbs that place constant pressure in all types of soil. The packer wheel rises at the end of the row to prevent spillage; which will eliminate waste and danger to livestock and other animals.

Our machine has a 20″ coulter blade on a bearing hub that precedes the shank and makes an even cut to keep the shank from heaving the ground. The blade will also cut through weed and tough surface roots which ultimately provides for better operation.

The bait hopper allows for long operating periods between refills. It has soybean cups for use with milo, oat grout or even pellets.

Machine Features

  • 3 point hitch fits category II and III quick hitches
  • 300 lbs. total weight 50″ long x 52″ high x 37″ wide
  • Heavy duty frame and shank are designed for trouble free operation. The shank has a replaceable JD drill point
  • Replacement parts are available from all dealers or directly from Eilers Machine and welding


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