On April 18, 1983, Brian & Anne Eilers purchased Deeter Machine & Welding.  Deeter Machine & Welding was a 35 year old on-going business.  This business was located on 5th Street right off Highway 30 in Lexington.  The building now houses the businesses of Black Diamond Auto and Zamora’s Shop.  The business began with a 5,000 square foot facility, two employees, and sales under $200,000.  One of those employees, Wesley Houser is still employed by the company.  This business was primarily dependent on the local agricultural economy and was centered on farm machinery repair.

Due to the negative status in the farm economy at the time, Brian realized he had to diversify his business.  In 1985, he decided to pursue Government contracting.  Eilers received his first contract in 1985 for 927 bracket swivels.

In 1986 the Sperry-New Holland plant shutdown in Lexington and devastated the local economy.  This created an opportunity for Eilers to buy some of their machinery.  Brian also knew many of the people that worked there since he had previously been a New Holland, tool and die maker for 7 years.  Eilers hired some of the former employees that had lost their New Holland jobs and had the knowledge to run the equipment he had purchased.  Brian purchased new equipment and added 9,000 square feet to his prior building.  At this time, Eilers had five employees plus himself and wife.  Brian added seventeen pieces of equipment to his shop at that time.

By 1989, with 11 employees and sales over $1,000,000 it was clear that Eilers Machine had outgrown this prior facility.

Brian started looking at his options for expanding.  It became known to him that the City of Lexington was trying to promote business and wanted to develop an industrial site.  Eilers Machine became the first occupant of the Greater Lexington Industrial Park, located off Interstate 80 and Hwy. 283.  The original building was a 25,000 square foot Convex Behlen building and it was completed by July 1990.  In 1996 Eilers added an additional 18,000 square foot expansion bringing the total building to 43,000 square feet.  At this time 25 people were employed.  Later an office building was added.  In 1999, the shop area was expanded an additional 11,640 sq. ft. and in 2005 another additional 840 sq. ft were added to the present office.  The most recent addition was in 2005 in which 22,192 square feet were added and called the south wing.

Today, Eilers Machine & Welding, Inc. supplies a wide variety of fabricated metal parts to the U.S. Government.  Nearly 96% of its business comes from Department of Defense related contracts and includes a wide assortment of new and replacement parts for land, sea and air military applications.  In 2007 the company was awarded and completed 872 projects for the government, and earned over $8.7 million gross revenue with 60 employees.

The company has a proven track record in servicing a broad range of machining, fabrication, welding and finishing needs and ensures total compliance with customer specification and tolerances.

Our history is rich with talented people who have built and brought together quality service to our customers.  Eilers Machine & Welding, Inc. has always attributed their success to having a winning attitude.  We are proud to continue producing high-quality products and being the preferred supplier to our customers.  We will continue to uphold this kind of reputation as we work together to provide excellence in every aspect of our company’s business.

In January of 2009, Chase Eilers, the son of Brian and Anne Eilers, joined the company business after graduating from Milford Southeast Technical School. Shortly after Brian passed away from cancer. In 2011 Chase Eilers stepped in and took over his father’s legacy and it continues to flourish today. Chase is now married and he and his wife are running the machine shop.

For more than 30 years, Eilers Machine and Welding has established itself a cost effective supplier to the U.S. government. The company’s quality product and reputation was built on meeting the demands and complexity of U.S. Department of Defense related contracts as well as the stringent requirements of countless manufacturing companies. If required by our customers, we have the capability to provide single source services ranging from engineering, design and support to single assembly of products.

Our years of extensive expertise in various demanding aspects of metal fabrication allows us to apply techniques and practices to customers in all industries. The company is committed to excellence and dedicated to providing outstanding service. With this philosophy, our customers can be assured of Precision, Reliability and Experience on every order.